A&RT provides consultation and engineering services for projects, components, and process improvement in all areas of industrial automation.

Our valued clients turn to us for application evaluations, trials, equipment re-programming, re-tooling, advice and viability studies. If your automation project requires leading edge technology, or your in doubt of the possibilities that are available, then contact us for a quick overview and professional advice today.

Let A&RT use its experience and industrial automation exposure to evaluate your business requirements. A&RT are very approachable for  consultation with its clients to determine the best practices to deploy to meet the needs of the application.

A&RT have a team of design engineers with relevant industrial exposure and proficiency to design with the latest 3D CAD software. We pride ourselves on being hands on, when taking on our customers challenges so that we understand what your product requires. Our many years of automation experience ensure we apply the right design and technology implementations to our solutions.

A&RT have developed a standardised approach to solving the control system requirements of our applications. This standardisation allows us to deploy good automation practices to controlling the system. Our years of experience enable us to design with modular control blocks and approaches that are transportable to different platforms. Our methodologies are adaptable and refined to include not just control, but important messages, alarms, recovery, statistics, data tracking with the simplicity of clean informative operator interfaces.

A&RT are here to support all projects we engage in no matter what the size. We have been on the forefront of  deploying technologies for remote support to provide fast assistance when required. Our expertise in automation system integration allows us to diagnose problems quickly, getting your machinery performing quickly. During project execution, A&RT develop a maintenance  arrangement that takes into account our customized solution, and the plant needs. A&RT develop periodic maintenance plans for our engineered products to minimise and plan so that unplanned downtime is reduced.